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Participated in the 2022 International Medical Equipment Exhibition.

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Bontech participated in the 2022 International Medical Equipment Exhibition held at COEX from 3.10 to 13. This exhibition, held every two years, was attended by a total of 450 companies including large domestic medical device manufacturers.

On this day, Bontech exhibited by product use and series, focusing on the detector equipment, which is the core part of general X-Ray-based medical diagnostic equipment. Bemens and POSTECH, which are partners, are also located in the vicinity.

On the first day of the opening ceremony, advisors, expert committees, overseas headquarters, and managing directors, led by the company's representative, were all mobilized to the exhibition hall.

Whether the story of an expert committee member who had worked at the Korean embassy in Yemen for one year in 2012 stimulated their nostalgia, the couple, who run a mocha coffee distribution business, visit Bontech Headquarters with a bag of mocha coffee on their back when they visit later. said he would visit.

Therefore, the CEO said that he would take this opportunity to receive monthly mocha beans for the company's employees, so all the employees are excited.


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