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Bontech CEO (Jinro Lee), interviewed by Economic Times(8.3)

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After K-pop, K-food, and K-drama, the era of K-medicine has arrived. In line with the era of digital transformation, many domestic medical device companies are standing out in the global market with their excellent technology and treatment results.


According to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, the trade balance of medical devices reached $2.99 billion in 2022, marking the third consecutive year of surplus since the first surplus in 2020. In response, the government is aiming to increase domestic medical device exports to $16 billion by 2027 to become the world's fifth largest medical device exporter.


Bontech is one of the companies playing a major role in the development of the domestic medical device industry. It has been growing steadily for 20 years by practicing a management philosophy based on advanced technology, customer satisfaction, and continuous quality control. We interviewed Mr. Lee Jin-ro, CEO of Bontech, who is pioneering a new path in the medical device market, to find out more.


- Please introduce your company

Founded in 2010, Bontech is a company specializing in digital X-ray imaging solutions, and we carry out the entire process of product development, production, and service based on our own technology possessed by our affiliated research institute. The company manufactures, sells, and services the world's first portable X-ray detection equipment and has specialized personnel who can provide rapid technical support, cause analysis, and post-processing in line with its technology.


Currently, we are exporting competitive products and our own technology to more than 30 countries around the world, and we are expanding our market overseas by establishing overseas branches and overseas production bases.


- Please tell us about your main business

Initially, we entered the digital X-ray detector market and conducted product research, development, and production, and now we are developing various application technologies and producing products. Representatively, we have developed portable X-ray diagnostic equipment for medical and veterinary use and portable X-ray search equipment for security and industrial use.


In addition, Bontech has established its own competitiveness with X-ray automatic recognition technology that minimizes the error range by increasing the recognition rate and products that maximize efficiency by being thin and light. Currently, we have various domestic and international certifications such as KFDA, FDA, CE, KC, FCC, NSN, etc.


- What are your future goals?

Through continuous research and development, we would like to contribute to the medical care of more people by developing products that customers need and disseminating them widely. To this end, we will continue to challenge the global market with our newly developed Mammo Detector for breast cancer diagnosis, which is the best technology in medical devices, and other applications.


In addition, as the long years of investment and research and development are bearing fruit, we will now focus on product promotion and marketing to increase our market share.


Jimin Choi Reporter



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