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Bontech's Overseas Sales Headquarters team went on a 6-week overseas business trip to Uzbekistan (June 15 to July 27) to participate in the 8th Korea-Uzbekistan Joint Defense, Industry and Logistics Committee hosted by the Defense Agency for 22 years and to increase overseas expansion in neighboring countries.


The Joint Defense Commission held a video conference with 00 domestic companies on the first day over two days from 7.21 to 22, and on the second day, 00 companies including Bontech were held locally. Together with the executives and employees of Bontech Medical's production plant, we successfully introduced and demonstrated equipment for our core product, the EOD X-ray system, for 30 officials from the Uzbek Defense Commission, the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Home Affairs (Police Department), the Guard and the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team.


In particular, as a result of self-test and evaluation with US-made products prepared by the local Uzbek side, Bontech's products were judged to be far superior to the US products delivered 7 years ago, such as detecting inorganic parts of explosives. The National Defense Commission of Uzbekistan expressed interest in local joint production (JV) by inquiring in detail about the price range. Of course, our products are more competitive in price than those made in the US or Israel. The Uzbek Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Home Affairs will require approximately 42 sets, so good results are expected soon.

In addition, the EOD system issue was additionally selected as an official protocol (agenda) of the Korea-Uzbekistan Joint Defense Logistics Committee, and it was finally decided to hold a joint meeting on a biennial basis between Seoul and Tashkent.


Bontech's EOD identification system, developed for the first time in Korea based on Dual Energy, a core technology, was delivered to the Presidential Office in June 2021 following Incheon International Airport, and some additional upgrades were performed. As a result, since its performance has been recognized as the world's best product, This is a green light that is the first step toward overseas expansion.


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