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Signed an MOU for mutual development with the Korea Explosives Enginee…

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This is the third meeting between the CEO of Bontech (, a specialized EOD X-ray system manufacturing company, 

and the President of the EOD Association (reserve lieutenant general, former military commander).

The amount required to be supplied to the army according to the mid-term plan, such as the Army EOD squad, the Navy/Air Force, Marine Corps, 

and Special Forces Corps, is worth billions of dollars every year, and considering the security regulations, the minimum It seems to be over hundreds.

Due to the nature of EOD, when operated with detection and processing equipment such as drones, robots and water cannons,

it is a very efficient system for detecting the inside of unknown baggage, excavating remains, and removing mines. 

In addition, it is expected to be very useful among large domestic and foreign events such as overseas UN peacekeeping forces and BTS Musician festivals.

Bontech's EOD is the first developed equipment in Korea and has also received an official test and evaluation report from a government agency 

that it is superior to the global overseas company N's products, so it has superior price competitiveness.

Above all, the core competitiveness is the core technology of the product, the people, and the vision of the company.

We start from now with our overseas branch in Dubai and a local production plant in Uzbekistan.



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